6 October, 2007: 1937 In Search of – In Remembrance of the “Degenerate Art” Campaign

Sprengel Museum HannoverSprengel Museum Hannover
A Tour of the Sprengel Museum Hannover in Memory of the 70th Anniversary of the “Degenerate Art” Campaign in 1937 (20 June, 2007 - 30 March, 2008)
Contributions to the Symposium of the Guided Tour on 6 October, 2007
The focus of this guided tour was paintings and sculptures by 19 artists who were victims of Nazi persecution. In 1937, the campaign against “Degenerate Art” marked the co-ordination of the art world under the aegis of Hitler's regime, which resulted in the prompt decimation of Modern art in Germany. More than 20,000 works of art by artists who were persecuted from 1933 on due to their ethnic background or beliefs were confiscated from many German museums and collections over the course of a few weeks. These works of art were then subject to the consequences of Nazi terror in a number of ways, often resulting in the destruction of the artworks and sometimes even in the brutal murder of the artist involved. In July 1937, a travelling exhibition entitled “Degenerate Art” was opened in Munich. This marked a climax in the denigration of both German and international figures of the artistic Avant-garde by the Nazis in the 20th century.

Accompanying this tour by the Sprengel Museum Hannover, a catalogue/publication was realised providing further insights into these events. This brochure (64 pages and 32 illustrations) delves into the events of 1937 in the art scene in Hanover and also presents each of the works of art in the exhibition. Verbatim excerpts from inventory books of the provincial museum in Hanover offer additional information about confiscated works by artists featured in the exhibition.

1937- In Search of/In Remembrance of the “Degenerate Art” Campaign, edited by Isabel Schulz and Isabelle Schwarz for the Friends of the Sprengel Museum Hannover e. V., 2007 (contributions to the exhibition; vol. III).
With contributions by Götz-Lothar Darsow, Mirka Knauf, Isabel Schulz, Isabelle Schwarz and opening speech by Ulrich Krempel.

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„1937-2007: Auf Spurensuche in Hannover“ (.pdf, 110 KB)

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