Information about Individual Works of Art

Sprengel Museum HannoverSprengel Museum Hannover
To index Kurt Schwitters’ entire oeuvre in the most comprehensive manner possible, the Kurt Schwitters Archive endeavours to find his works wherever they might be throughout the world.

Should you have works by Kurt Schwitters in your home or collection and, so far, have not been in contact with us, we would be grateful if you could inform us as to which works you have or once had. We assure you that all information passed on to us will be treated with utmost discretion.

If you would like written expertise or a confirmation as to whether a work you possess is registered in the index of the Kurt Schwitters Archive, you will be invoiced for a processing fee of 500 Euro for each work of art.

To simplify this process, both for you and for ourselves, we kindly ask you to fill in the enclosed form and return it to us at the museum.

Icon für Dokument Information on Schwitters‘ works (.pdf, 107 KB)

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