Kalibrierung 5 [Calibration 5]

Bild und Wirklichkeit [Image and Reality]
22. November 2017 – 15. April 2018
Sprengel Museum HannoverSprengel Museum Hannover
Margret Eicher and Adi Hoesle employ diverse methods in keeping with their own respective work aesthetics to analyse the relationships between pictorial language and the perceptual psychological patterns of everyday medial life.
Eicher transforms the motifs, visual imagery and ‘patterns’ of up-to-the-minute media into large-format tapestries, citing in the process the image carries of power that are popular in aristocratic societies. The artist extracts and concentrates stereotypes from politics and advertising, magazines, comics and film into digital collages.
Hoesle characterises himself as a ‘retrogradist’. His strategy consists of using computer programmes to return artworks back into their ‘objectified’ form, to a kind of aesthetic source code. Adi Hoesle digitally produces wallpaper from the results of this process that define the spaces where they are applied over large areas.
Their mutual project concerns the repatriation of the tapestry motifs to their aesthetic ‘source code’. The monumental appearance of the tapestry is confronted with its source code pattern that covers the surface in a wallpaper-like manner.
Margret Eicher and Adi Hoesle have worked for many years on variations of this concept of the reflection of imagery.

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