In the Back of Sprengel’s Cupboard

A Seeing Laboratory for Young and Old
05. June 2016 – 07. May 2017
Sprengel Museum HannoverSprengel Museum Hannover
An installation for museum visitors of all ages

A hodgepodge of pictures and motifs, questions and ideas, stories and impressions can be found at the “SPRENGEL’s under the sofa”. How does one find ways out of this jumble of colours and shapes, the pictures of people and animals and the depictions of trees, flowers and landscapes?

Within the scope of 130% Sprengel, an exhibition for children will be presented in the spaces of the former photo gallery on Museum Street. The focus is on the museum’s collection, and various ART Discovery Paths and ART Experiments will be developed in order to sort out the hodgepodge and the jumble “under SPRENGEL’s sofa”. Participants are called on to use their creativity and their imagination to playfully develop explanations, information and questions about art and artists.

A VisionLab will be built in the middle of the museum, an installation that offers children and their parents, students and their teachers playful opportunities to become familiar with the museum and its works of art through hands-on experience.

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